Friday, July 15, 2011

First Post ever!!

I am very happy to be starting this blog on the 15th of July, a date which marks an exact year from two very important events. The first one is my departure for Nepal, exactly a year ago I was landing in Kathmandu for what would become one of the most amazing months of my entire life. At the time, I knew nothing about that small country at the top on the Himalayas which I would soon grow to learn and love; now looking back at that day I feel a mixture of satisfaction for all the challenges I overcame there and nostalgia for all the amazing people I met there. The second date is in the future: July 15th 2012, the day my year in Ghana ends and I have to come home. It is impossible for me to predict the emotions I will feel on that day; all I hope is that in the year I spend there, Ghana will enter my heart as forcefully and as permanently as Nepal did. I hope that I'll have learned to appreciate this country's complex and wonderful culture and when the moment comes to leave this country and make my way home, that I'll carry with me a small part of it and of my experiences there.

I leave for Ghana in 48 days and cannot wait! I have been informed of my host family: their names are Kwasi and Stella and they have 4 daughters ages 10, 13, 20 and 25. I have already chatted on Facebook with some of them and they seem very nice. I'll be living about 45 minutes from Accra.

I'm currently hard at work: pathetically trying to learn some Twi (pronounced Chwee), choosing my host families presents and, most of all, procrastinating packing!!

I'll write when I have more news!

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